About us

We help people create and sell online courses and coaching programs by offering a platform where people, with or without programming/design experience easily can create and manage their online course business.

Our team consists of developers, designers, marketers, and business developers - but from the start - we're all course creators. One of the biggest reasons we invest in, and believe in our long-term vision is because we ourselves are users of our service. Forento is built by course creators, for course creators.

In 2018, the Forento team was born, called Förento at the time, referencing the abbreviation for the entrepreneurship and business economics course in Swedish high schools. We ourselves were students, studying those exact subjects - and felt all material our teachers shared with us was outdated but had development potential. Our initial idea was to create an online course and sell it to schools, teachers, and students.

This was the first time we encountered how the services on the market are either too complicated and learning to manage them takes a very long time, they lack essential functionality, or are way too expensive. Rather than relying on an existing course platform service, we built our own platform from scratch to host our courses. Fast forward about two years, we'd sold courses to hundreds of students and teachers - but wanted to move on. This time, rather than building a new course within a new topic we decided to build forento.io - the platform you know today.

Since we first identified the need for a new course creation service, we've interviewed and worked with hundreds of course creators, in order to develop the absolute best platform there is. At the end of 2021, we launched our first ever beta version and welcomed actual users onto our platform. These customers are all still with us today and have witnessed our product going from an unattractive closed beta version to what we're offering today.

Now, we're offering our service to the public in open beta, with the vision of launching a full-scale version of our product soon.

We're always looking to learn, so if you're a course creator or an aspiring one - please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Also, if you're interested in hearing more about Forento, our product, vision, or team - hit us up. We're always looking for new talent to join us on our mission

Hear our CEO and co-founder Adrian talk about our open beta, long-term vision, and what's next in the product pipeline.