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How to sell a high-ticket online course


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So you want to sell high-ticket courses. Maybe you have sold a few courses already, but you want to brand yourself as an expert and make more money. Or maybe you've got your idea for the course, but you aren't sure how to turn it into a product people are willing to pay for. Or maybe... well, there are many reasons someone would want to sell high-ticket courses. The good news is that once you have the idea for your course down pat (and let's face it, this can take some time), selling high-ticket online courses is relatively easy once you get started.

Create an irresistible offer

When selling your high-ticket online course, you want to make the offer irresistible.

Make sure it's compelling - If your product doesn't spark an emotional response in people, they won't buy it. What makes you feel good about your course? How can you convey that feeling through words and images?

Make sure it's unique - If someone else has already created something similar, then yours will only stand out from some of the other offers on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube videos with millions of views. Find ways that make yours stand out from the crowd (and remember those emotions!).

Make sure it's clear - Your copy should be easy-to-understand so that potential customers don't get confused during the checkout process, and hit the "back" button instead of "buy now."

Figure out your pricing

Once you've figured out what your high-ticket online course will be, it's time to figure out how much money people should pay for it.

When pricing a product or service, the most important thing is that your price reflects the value of what you're offering. The higher the price point, the more value and benefits must be added to that product. Suppose someone is paying a lot for something, and there aren't any additional perks thrown in with that purchase. In that case, chances are they'll feel like they got ripped off because there needed to be more added value.

If possible (and appropriate), consider creating multiple tiers so that people who can afford more pay more while others still get access but at lower cost points based on their budget constraints and preferences; this works exceptionally well if some features are only available within certain tiers! You can easily accomplish this with Forento by creating various subscription levels and packing your courses into different membership offers.

Make your marketing copy compelling

To sell your high-ticket course, you need compelling marketing copy. That means focusing on a benefits-based copy rather than features-based copy, using social proof (like testimonials and case studies) liberally throughout your site.

To do this effectively requires some careful thought about your strategy. What kind of language will resonate with potential customers? How can you use your existing assets (social media followers, email list subscribers) to get the word out? And most importantly: what's going on inside their heads when they visit your page?

Remember to: Write a strong headline. The headline is the first thing someone sees when they land on your sales page. Make sure it's clear about what the course does and how much it costs (so there are no surprises later). For example: "10x Your Blog Traffic in 30 Days" or "Make $3k Per Month With Your Online Course".

The next thing people will read on your sales page is the body of text that surrounds your headline. This should explain what your course does and why it's valuable. Make it short and consistent, with a clear call to action, and avoid overexplaining.

Empower your students to succeed

When selling high-ticket online courses, you must empower your students with the tools they need to succeed with your course's goals. Consider creating a learning community where everyone supports each other and helps each other out when they have questions or need help with the material. And, of course, make sure that YOU are available when THEY need YOU!

Have a plan for how you'll handle communication and customer service

A well-thought-out communication and customer service plan is crucial to your online course's success. You need to be able to respond promptly and effectively to any questions or concerns raised by your students. It helps maintain their trust in you as a teacher and ensures they receive the support they need to achieve their goals.

This is why creating a community around your course can be so beneficial. It creates an accessible communication channel between you and your students. It builds up a knowledge base where previous topics and questions that have already been covered can be found—thus saving time for all parties involved!


If you want to sell a high-ticket online course, the first step is to create an irresistible offer. Make sure that people are willing and able to pay for what they're getting. Once you've nailed down all those details (including how much time you'll be spending on creating the course), it's time to market it like crazy and start scaling your business.

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