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Customer interview with Beyond Your Taxes Academy

Introduce yourself

My name is Bianca Jones-Collins. I am the owner and operator of a consulting company that is based out of Houston, TX called Beyond Taxes. This company helps individuals and businesses alike with taxes, credit, and small business solutions.

My background has always been in customer service but for over the past decade, I've dedicated my career to assisting people to obtain some form of financial freedom- whether it is business or personally related. At this, I am considered a Tax professional but I also wear additional hats such as Credit and Debt Consultant as well as Virtual Assistant, to name a few.

What type of courses are you creating?

The courses I am creating are what I call Financial Freedom Courses. These courses are meant to help people from all walks of life obtain some type of financial freedom from any form of debt in their lives.

I've created the courses because I've come to realize that I have so much to give, and I don't think I have reached my top potential of reaching as many people as I would like to at this time. With these courses, I am hoping to continue to instruct others and hope to have a further reach than what I currently have at this time.

Who is your course for?

My customers will technically be anyone who is currently in debt. My clientele is the "do it yourselfer" or the "hey, we need professional help". On either side of the spectrum, I can aid both. One of the biggest benefits to taking my course is that no matter what, I will be with you every step of the way, I will not give you information that you do not need but solid information that you can use in real-life scenarios on a day-to-day basis.

Why did you decide to create an online course?

Honestly… for years business associates I've come across have been asking me to create this course. I was very hesitant about doing it and at first, could not see the value in creating the courses. But this year, for some reason, I said, what the heck, why not try it and see how things go? After all, it never hurts to try! So here we are today!

How did you find Forento?

I am a huge fan of AppSumo and I strongly believe in empowering and helping build up-and-coming businesses. I scouted through their site for what I was hoping my course site should look like, and after a few days of reviewing, I decided on Forento. While missing some features that I was hoping was somewhere hidden (such as an assignment section) … lol.. everything else pretty much checked off my boxes. I've also created some course materials which do cost and while their e-commerce section isn't complete, it is definitely something I am looking forward to! Other than that, everything seems golden to me!

Bianca Jones-Collins - Beyond Your Taxes Academy