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Customer interview with Oscar Nygren

Introduce yourself

I'm Oscar Nygren, an industrial economist who changed course into taking care of people's emotional health and finding a deep spiritual purpose on the way. My passion and skill are one of listening, guidance, and getting intuitive insight whenever I interact with open-minded people, whether it is through a book or over a phone call. These insights are converted into synthesized content that not only propels my own evolution as an individual but also becomes the backbone of what I write and produce videos around. Through hard psycho-emotional work that we now call emotional metamorphosis, I've arrived at a place where my mind is often very still. Thus, I can discern the slightest vibration and message that is aligned with the new lighthearted world that is being birthed by people with the highest possible vision of human capability.

What type of courses are you creating?

Our list of courses includes Discovering your purpose, Soulful Realignment, Shadow Alchemy, DIY mapping, and different levels of Emotional Metamorphosis education. We also have a subscription-based education: Forge your Authentic Identity.

Who is your course for?

We are creating a course community for spiritual people to discover their true purpose in life and align their hearts and soul with it. We do this over time and through practical support, helping them to arrive at their true Identity that becomes the vessel that, once established, brings this higher vision into life. The goal is to create a flourishing community of emotionally balanced and highly creative beings who thrives in life and inspires every heart they touch to begin the journey toward inner fulfillment.

Why did you decide to create an online course?

The short answer is to be able to impact people on a bigger scale. The long answer is that an online course community gives the ability for people to become the evolution of the content that they take part in. It provides the added benefit of multiple perspectives on one single thing. Consequently, something that for one person looks abstract becomes meaningful and practical, depending on the synthesis of the engaged members. Courses are also an excellent way to keep people on track and show them that progress is being made since our mind has a tendency to forget how we evolve over time. Also, it gives the one who creates them a clear structure that provides a workflow that is easily grasped by the users.

How did you find Forento?

I found Forento through David Vidales, who runs online course secrets, and had a video with you guys where you went through all the features.

I chose you because I felt your passion for building a highly functional course community and David's trust in your great vision. And now your outstanding customer support that we have experienced for the past two months has been added to that list.

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