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Customer interview with Owen Bonneville

Introduce yourself

I am Owen Bonneville, or SuperDev. I am a Full Stack Engineer/Software Developer and I am currently self-employed. I have done web design for 10+ years, and currently am working on SuperCloud (Next Level Programming AI). You could ask it to make a course platform like Forento, and it makes one. 8+ Years of work.

What type of courses are you creating?

I create web design courses. I believe that knowledge not shared remains unknown, so why not change it?

Who is your course for?

I've been working on a lot of content and will do marketing when the time is right. Benefits. Each course is about 5 things total created.

  1. My personal coding theme for visual studio code.
  2. My theme.json for windows terminal + warp for macOS users.
  3. All lessons have code downloadable by day.
  4. Each lesson has tips and tricks, along with an ending quiz.

Why did you decide to create an online course?

To be honest, I've wanted to create a course for a long time, and I decided to do it with Forento. A simple, clean interface along with an awesome support team makes it easy to make a course.

How did you find Forento?

I found forento through AppSumo. I was looking for small startups I could support, and help with the basics. I decided to build courses with Forento because I decided I didn't want to spend my personal time to make my own solution.

What is some feedback/suggestions you might have for us?

I don't think I need to provide anything, you've done what you can, and you've done nothing but awesome work! Proud of your accomplishments, and cheers to the future!

Owen Bonneville - SuperDev